Fresh from the Water Seafood Trail

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is famous for its water-based lifestyle. The unique landscape, with the Chesapeake Bay to the West and the Atlantic Ocean to the East, gives the area easy access to a large variety of seafood. Virginia’s Eastern Shore’s commercial watermen provide the state with Chesapeake blue crabs, briney oysters, fresh clams, and more.

When you come to stay on the Shore, you can have delicious seafood in almost every restaurant around. However, have you ever tried buying local, fresh seafood to make yourself during your stay? Taking the time to create a meal with your family, friends, or significant other gives you a chance to make new memories, enjoy delicious seafood, and put on your chef’s hat.

No matter where you’re staying on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, you are near a seafood provider. Whether it be a market, online shop and delivery service, or a watermen willing to meet you in any town with a pound of oysters, buying fresh seafood during your stay on the Shore is almost as easy as finding a backroad.

Northampton County Seafood Providers

  • Cherrystone Aquafarms
    • Purchase clams and oysters. Click “Shop Now” on their website and choose from a variety of options. Choose delivery or curbside pick-up at check-out and BAM! You’ve got seafood.
    • Get directions.
  • Dinkum’s Seafood
    • Shop blue crabs, soft crabs, oysters, shrimp, lobster, mussels, and more depending on the season. They’ll deliver in Cape Charles or ship to you, your choice. From the boat to your door!
  • Pearl Market
    • The Pearl Market is open on Saturday from 9am-12pm every week. Artisans, chefs, farmers, and fishermen join together at this market every week to sell locally sourced craft. The Pearl Market houses two seafood providers, Heath Seafood and Bay Atlantic Seafood. You can order ahead each week with Bay Atlantic Seafood for pick-up by emailing them at or come by the market and see what’s available.
    • Get directions.
  • Lambert Shellfish
    • Based in Machipongo, Alex Lambert, co-owner of Lambert Shellfish, is a first generation oyster farmer based out of Hungars Creek. Shop fresh harvests every day of various oysters. They offer FedEx shipping, local delivery, and curbside pick-up.
  • Nottingham Seafood
    • Nottingham Seafood sells commercially year-round, however retail is only open from May through Labor Day each year. Conveniently located on Route 13 in Cheriton next to the Exxon headed South, they’ve got fish, crabs, oysters, and clams available. Send them an email at or swing by the shop.
    • Get directions.
  • Marker 6 Clam & Oyster
    • Kirk Webb farms for clams and oysters in Machipongo. He digs every Wednesday and Thursday year-round for your clam and oyster needs. You can text or call him to order at (757) 710-8878. He’ll be happy to meet you at Nassawadox, Machipongo, and occasionally the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.
  • R&C Seafood
    • Facebook Message these folks for a pick-up only cash only experience. Located just outside the town of Cheriton, pick-up is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Cape Charles, Eastville, and Machipongo.
    • Get directions.

Accomack County Seafood Providers

  • Eastern Shore Seafood at Onancock Market
    • Order ahead on their website of your choice of little neck clams or a variety of Chesapeake Bay blue crab meat. Pick-up from 9am-12pm on Saturday mornings in the town of Onancock for a weekend seafood feast.
    • Get directions.
  • Edward’s Seafood
    • Just across the highway from the YMCA and Walmart in Onley, Edward’s Seafood market sits quietly on the corner fully stocked with a variety of seafood. Pick from scallops, clams, oysters, crabs, and all kinds of fish. They’ll even pick the crabs for you or steam them ahead of your pick up! Call them at (757) 787-2224 to see what’s in stock. Pick up available in store only.
    • Get directions.
  • Gary Howard Seafood
    • Located in the heart of Chincoteague Island, Gary Howard Seafood has all of your seafood needs. Pick-up is only available in store. Call (757) 336-5178 to order ahead or see what’s in stock.
    • Get directions.
  • Ricky’s Seafood & Produce
    • This sweet seafood and produce stand is on Chincoteague Island and is an Instagram favorite. Get a photo on the back of the old truck and pick up all of your seafood and produce needs for a seafood boil at your accommodation.
    • Get directions.
  • Susan’s Seafood
    • Pick-up a tuna steak, leopard crab (not local,) Chesapeake Bay blue crab, clams, oysters, drum, whatever you want! You can’t miss this little market on Route 13 in New Church, just south of the Virginia Welcome Center when you’ve crossed the Virginia-Maryland border. Just look for the twinkling lights and you’re there! Pick-up available in store only.
    • Get directions.
  • Tangier Island Oyster Co.
    • Available for shipping only, get a taste of this little island’s delicious oysters any time! Submit an inquiry by clicking the link above.
  • Tom’s Cove Aquafarms
    • Get shellfish of any sorts at local favorite Tom’s Cove on Chincoteague Island. During this time due to COVID, call ahead first at (757) 336-1945. They will bring your order out to you in the parking lot.
    • Get directions.

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