8 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Wellness while Traveling

By: Rachel Wivell, massage therapist and CBD expert.

*Suggestions are listed South to North.

Traveling itself can be an amazing form of self-care. It’s a time you are allowed to relax, be free, and go with the flow. Each time you travel, you are exposed to different places, things, people, and ways of life and because of that, you come back from your trip a different person. In a way, you are rediscovering yourself and that can be very rewarding.

But as rewarding as it may be, travel can also bring on stress. It’s a beautiful, chaotic mess and it can be very easy to get off track and not stick to your self-care routine. With that being said, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for you to maintain wellness while traveling.

1) Try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet- During travels, we all want to overindulge. By all means, I encourage you to try all the local foods, eat the ice cream, and have one too many cocktails. But remember, there’s ways for you to stick to your normal diet so you can remain refreshed for your adventures while still trying the local foods. A great way to do this is to visit the markets so you can purchase locally grown produce, meats, and healthier snack options. Take your awesome finds back to your accommodations and prepare your own meals. Not staying somewhere you can cook? Read up on the local restaurant menus before you go to pick places with healthier options.

Suggestions- Pearl Market, Shore Breeze Farms, Shockley Farms, Baines Farm and Market, Quail Cove, The Onancock Market, North Street Market, Church Street Produce, Ricky’s Seafood & Produce, Machipongo Trading Company, Janet’s General Store, Sea Star Cafe

Your water bottle is your best friend, especially in the summer heat!

2) Hydrate- It’s always important to remain hydrated and even more so while traveling. Set a goal for your daily water intake and stick to it. Pack some nice water bottles to make it easy to fill up and go.

3) Go off the grid with electronics- Do what you have to do. Check in with your family, friends, animals and then turn the electronics off. We live in a world now that we are so consumed with social media and technology. It’s important to take time apart from that and just be in the moment.

4) Spend time in nature- Mother Nature has so much to offer for wellness. It’s vital we take time to get outside, inhale that fresh air, and exhale the stresses of life. Find a beautiful spot to sit and meditate or get active.

Suggestions- Nature trail walks- Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge, Magothy Bay Natural Area Preserve, Kiptopeke State Park, Seaside Walkway, Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve, Brownsville Nature Preserve, Onancock Native Plant Nature Trail, Mutton Hunk Fen Natural Area Preserve, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

Watersports- Kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, swimming, relaxing on the beach.

5) Yoga/Stretch Class- Yoga can be a great way to refresh and rebalance the body and mind. Seek out the perfect spot and get your “Namaste” on by yourself or find a local yoga studio and jump in on a class. Not comfortable taking a class with other people? Opt-in for a private session!

Suggestions- Bay Life Yoga, Freestyle Yoga, OM-G Yoga, Chincoteague Yoga Collective, Yoga with Roxie

6) Maintain fitness routine- Are workouts a part of your everyday life? Plan your exercise routine ahead of time so you don’t miss out on those daily endorphins or pop into a local gym/fitness center and check out their class schedules.

Suggestions- Alkemi Fitness, Strong Orange Gym, Level Up Fitness, Combative Athletic Club, Eastern Shore Family YMCA, David Landsberger/Chincoteague Family YMCA

Pictured above: Rachel Wivell of Shorely Therapeutic giving a client a massage. Photos taken by Bayside Studios Photography

7) Massage Therapy- Traveling can cause aches and pains in places we didn’t even know existed. It’s exciting and fun but it can be tremendously hard on the body. Take some time out during your trip and hop on a massage table to release those toxins and fully rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. I’d also suggest taking your mind on a journey and opting for other holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, reiki, and sound healing meditation.

Pictured above from left to right: Shelia Sheppard giving a client reiki at Paloma Healing, a chakra activity, Gail Miller performing acupuncture at Island Acupuncture, Paloma Healing business cards, Gail Miller of Island Acupuncture

Suggestions- Paloma Healing, Shorely Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Island Acupuncture, Pinder Massage Therapy, Mother Virgo Therapeutic Massage

Pictured above from left to right: Various apothecary items from Artemis and Cauldron, CBD bitters and cocktail syrup from Love & Canna Co., A rose quartz infused bath soak from Artemis & Cauldron, Hemp chocolate goodies from Love & Canna Co.

8) Self-Care Products- Every time you travel, you always want to pack your essential healing methods to help you stay feeling good and to be prepared if you start feeling unwell or uneasy. There are a few items that I never travel without: my favorite skin care products for face/body, essential oils, and CBD products. Forget to pack your favorite essentials? Stop in and chat with the local wellness shops to find what’s best for you!

Suggestions- Love & Canna Co. – Hemp Derived CBD Boutique, Seagrass Floral & Apothecary, Artemis & Cauldron

Rachel Wivell with Shorely Therapeutic and Love & Canna Co.
Photo Credit: Bayside Studios Photography

Meet Eastern Shore holistic guru and author of this blog, Rachel Wivell. As the owner of Shorely Therapeutic in Belle Haven, she practices massage therapy. Her second business, Love & Canna Co., recently opened in Cape Charles. This CBD boutique sells a variety of hemp-based products including teas, lotions, oils, and more.

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