Three Scenic Routes on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Saxis Road




Head North on Route 13 to Temprenceville. The road will become curved and there will be a Sunoco Gas Station on your right. Here, you’ll want to get into the left turn lane and turn left onto Saxis Road. Enjoy the deep summer greens or fall browns as you head West down this secluded road. Drive by homes, Makemie Monument Park, fields, churches, the Saxis and Guard Shore Nature Wildlife Management area, until you find yourself in charming, quiet Saxis. Grab a bite to eat outside at Captain E’s Grill or to-go at Martha’s Kitchen, explore the Saxis Island Museum, go crabbing off the pier, or search for sea glass along coastal areas.

saxis road map
Heading north, turn left off of Route 13 to explore this quiet back road.

Quinby Bridge Road



Head North on Route 13 to Painter and turn left at the light. Head down Route 1203 and merge onto Mappsburg Road. Go straight as you cruise through farmland and countryside homes until the road changes to Quinby Bridge Road. You’ll know you’re there when you come across a gorgeous bridge crossing Broadwater Bay.

The water reflects the sky perfectly and the water is always calm and serene. Drive across during sunrise or sunset and you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous color on all sides. There are small fishing buildings that take you back to another era. You’ll feel like you’re in a children’s fairytale. At the end of the road, turn left. Head down Bradfords Neck Road through quiet coastal farmland until you reach a stop sign.


If you turn left, you’ll return to Route 13. Turn right however, you will be in Wachapreague, the little city by the sea. Perouse around the quiet town, have lunch overlooking the seaside at the Island House, enjoy beautiful art at Current Reflections, or catch a boat taxi out to a barrier island for the rest of the day.

Quinby Bridge Road highlighted
Heading north, turn right at the Painter light. The point lies over Quinby Bridge. Follow the highlighted path on this map to follow the back roads back to Route 13.

Bayside Road



Head South on Route 13 to Nassawadox. At the light, you will see a Shore Stop on the right-hand side. Turn right at the light and head straight down Rogers Drive. When you reach the stop sign in front of the New Allen Memorial AME Church, you will turn left to begin your journey along Bayside Road. Travel through Franktown, a very old town full of beautiful homes. Whisk past farmland and forested areas. As you head along the road, you may notice horses at a few of the farms.


When you reach Hungar’s Church on your right, a beautiful and historic building, you can turn right onto Church Creek. On Church Creek Road, you’ll take your first right to explore Chatham Vineyards. Or, you can keep going straight down Bayside Road through more remote farmland and quiet towns until you turn left onto Young Street, where you can visit the Barrier Islands Center and immerse yourself in the area’s coastal history. Afterward, cross the highway and grab lunch and a coffee to-go at the delicious Machipongo Trading Center.

Bayside Road highlighted
Heading south, turn right at the Nassawadox light and pass the Shore Stop to head down Rogers Drive.

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