Your Guide to Explore the Eastern Shore of Virginia


Sipping award-winning wine, slinging back oysters, dancing to groovy tunes, and making lifelong memories are a few things you can experience during the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s 50 Years of Love celebration, 50 Days to Explore the Shore. With more than 30 local partners, there’s a plethora of discoveries waiting for you during your visit to Virginia’s Eastern Shore!

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What you need to know:

This scavenger hunt is comprised of various events, museums, sites, and drinks around the Shore. Participants must visit 5 locations, at least one festival, museum, and site are required to complete the hunt. Spend an evening at the Swine and Wine festival munching on amazing barbecue, wander through Brownsville Nature Preserve, learn the history of the Ker family at one of the most beautiful historic sites in town, try delicious local brews at Black Narrows Brewing, and watch migratory birds travel across the water at the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge.

Plan your perfect itinerary, and win something out of it, (besides lots of fun!) Submitted brochures will be entered into a raffle to win a gift basket comprised of merchandise from our partners.

You will find brochures at the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Shore of Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Eastern Shore of Virginia Welcome Center, and the Virginia Welcome Center at New Church. Download the pdf here.

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How to participate:

  1. Visit 5 locations which include events, museums, sites, and drinks.
  2. Visit at least one museum and site. The last two locations can be from category any you like!
  3. Get a hole punch at events, museum, and drink locations.
  4. For historic and outdoor sites, post a photo on either Instagram or Facebook, tag VisitESVA and Virginia is for Lovers, and use the hashtags #visitesva and #sharewhatyoulove.
  5. All completed, submitted brochures will be entered into a free raffle! The prize is comprised of donations from our partners, so you’re in for quirky merch and discounted rates! Mail brochures to at P.O. Box 450 Melfa, VA 23410. Write it out to the Eastern Shore Tourism Commission.
  6. If you attend an event, you will receive 5 extra entries into the raffle prize.
  7. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our announcement of who the winner is!

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Our partners are an extensive list of awesome, local organizations. Some scheduled events are Oyster festivals, so you’re in for DELICIOUS seafood and lots and lots of good music. There’s also a farm to table, barbecue, and railway event! Events marked with ✺ require ticket purchase. Other partners marked with ♡ requires an Instagram or Facebook photo. Birding locations are marked with ☀.



Other Partners Locations

Warbler-Credit USFWS

Other Partners

50 Years of Love

Virginia is for Lovers, and we are excited to celebrate 50 years of one of the world’s most iconic slogans! 50 Years of Love is a state-wide celebration of Virginia’s slogan, heritage, and love. We are proud to call Virginia home.




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6 thoughts on “Your Guide to Explore the Eastern Shore of Virginia

  1. Exactly two sites for Onancock. Why is Onancock constantly left out of Tourism mentions and events?

    No mention of some of the best restaurants and B&Bs on the Shore. Onancock is the center of the Shore and can provide a great base for seeing the entire Shore.

    Its like we don’t even exist to you.


    1. Hi Linda, thank you for sharing your concerns. I sent you an email so we can further discuss the Tourism Commission’s work and goals for Onancock. We are sorry to hear you do not believe enough has been done for Onancock.


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