Sail into a Relaxing Evening in Onancock

Founded in 1680, Onancock is a lovely bayside town with restaurants, galleries, shops, and a scenic town harbor. Known for its beautiful, Victorian-era homes, Onancock is perfect for strolling around while daydreams of becoming an HGTV phenomenon float through your head. Shop at local boutiques, paddleboard down Onancock Creek, or dine on local fare, there’s plenty to experience in Onancock, Virginia.

Evening Highlights:

  • Set Sail with Captain Tom and Joni Bunino down Onancock Creek with scenic views of wildlife, vegetation, and waterfront homes.
  • Dine on perfectly prepared seafood at Mallards on the Wharf overlooking the creek.
  • Walk through town to the park gazebo and listen to the crickets chirp and frogs croak.
  • Relax at the Charlotte Hotel and Restaurant with your favorite fuzzy robe in a king-size bed.


OSA (3)
photos courtesy of Levi Smith

Cruising down Onancock Creek, gazing at beautiful estates, flora, and the approaching bay is how Tom and Joni Bunino spend most of their days. Their Cat Boat, Gratitude, has been setting sail from the Onancock Town Wharf for 3 years.

OSA (1).jpg
photo courtesy of Levi Smith

Onancock Sailing Adventures offers 2-hour cruises during months May through October, where Captain Tom teaches passengers about the history of the area and the wildlife. Unwind and breathe in the salty air of the water. Explore the creek, learn about the area, and if you’re lucky, take control of the wheel for a few minutes.

OSA (11).jpg

photos courtesy of Levi Smith

Set sail around 6:30pm. Putt around the creek and make life-long memories with friends, loved ones, and the Captain. Watch the seahawks bring their babies supper at the top of the markers along the channel. Wave at locals cruising by on Carolina Skiffs and jet skis. Notice as the sky turns from yellow to orange, to pink, and everything in between. Observe kids race around waterfront yards as their weary parents unwind with a glass of wine.

sailing blog 7

Coming into the harbor around 8:30pm, hop-off Gratitude and walk the 10 paces to Mallards At the Wharf restaurant. Order the Clam Linguini and Jonny Mo’s “All Crab” Cakes. Watch the last hint of sunlight leave from over the bay while you savor dessert. Around 9:30, make your way up the street to the town gazebo and listen to the crickets chirp.

IMG_2706 (3).JPG

Walk a few more blocks to the Charlotte Hotel and Restaurant to rest your weary head. Shower, put on some fuzzy slippers, and snuggle in a king-size bed knowing in the morning you’re going to start your day off with a delicious, locally sourced breakfast.

Other remarkable things to do in Onancock, VA

For a complete guide of shops, restaurants, places to stay, and things to do, visit

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