Three Spots for Bookworms on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

A trip to the beach is incomplete without a book. There’s nothing worse than finishing a book with days of vacation left or realizing you aren’t enjoying the book you chose for your trip.  Luckily, the Eastern Shore of Virginia is home to more than its fair share of independently owned bookshops. Where staff can tell you about local reads, recommend favorite titles and even whip up a cup of coffee for you.

Sundial Books, Chincoteague Island


Sundial Books sells both new and used books in historic downtown Chincoteague. Their neat two-story shop is sure to set any booklovers heart aflutter. They carry a wide range of local books, bestsellers, new, used, and collectible books. For non-bookworms, they have new and used CDs, gifts, and local art.

Grab a book before heading to the beach or pick up a new title and sit in the waterfront park behind the shop and read.

The Book Bin, Onley


The Book Bin is one of those great bookstores that does a lot of things well. They carry new and used books with an array of local titles, cookbooks, kids books, bestsellers, and new releases. They also sell journals, toys, and gifts. The coffee bar at the back of the shop sells delicious drinks made with local coffee. They also host a variety of events spanning from book launches to trivia nights.

The Book Bin is conveniently located near Route 13 making it an easy run in for coffee or a quick stop to get a book you just can’t wait to get your hands on.

Peach Street Books, Cape Charles

peach street bookstore 1

Making its debut in 2018, Peach Street Books is located in Cape Charles on Mason Avenue. The building received a series of historical renovations to transform it from a 1930s Pure Oil Station with an attached 1950s garage, into a quaint, yet modern bookstore. Peach Street Books houses gently used books, brand-new books, Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Company coffee, smoothies, baked goods, and a dog corner.

Swing by Peach Street Books and grab a new book, a cup of coffee, and maybe some treats for the good boy at home. Then stroll down Mason Avenue to the public beach and dig into “Chapter One” as the sun begins to set.

Local Titles to Look For

Keep an eye out for these great local titles while visiting Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Off 13 by Kirk Mariner
Many people pass through Virginia’s Eastern Shore on Route 13 without ever realizing how many beautiful, interesting towns are just off the highway. This book aims to change that by offering a glimpse into the area.

Woo Woo by Joe Coccaro
A newcomer to the quiet bayside town of Cape Charles meets a woman who is trying to uncover why the town is a hotspot for paranormal activity and uncover whether or not one of the spirits had a personal connection.

Chesapeake Requiem by Earl Swift
Tangier Island has become known as the first place in America that could produce climate change refugees, but there’s so much more to this tiny Chesapeake island than that. This book looks at the island’s past, present, and future and opens up this unique and isolated place.


Chincoteague Calm by Bob Adamov
A vacationing investigative reporter tries to piece together who is behind a rocket explosion at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility and a string of local murders.

Waterwoman by Lenore Hart
Written by local author Lenore Hart, Waterwoman is a heartwrenching story of love, loss, and identity. Set in the 1920s on an isolated barrier island, this novel paints a beautiful scene of the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s historic way of life.

American Fire by Monica Hesse
In 2012 a spree of arsons began on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. By the end of it, 86 buildings, most of them abandoned, had been burned. This book tells the story of what led to the fires, who the arsonists were, and how the fires affected the community.

Eastern Shore Shorts by Gail Priest
This collection of short stories follows the lives of an interwoven cast of characters with The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia as a backdrop.

Misty of Chincoteague by Margurite Henry
This classic children’s book tells the story of Paul and Maureen Beebe who dream of buying and taming an illusive Chincoteague Pony named Phantom and her foal, Misty.

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