Space Island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

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Virginia is for Space Lovers

It has been 50 years since the Apollo Moon Landing and 50 years since “Virginia is for lovers,” was born, can you believe it? Virginia played an important role in the research and technological advances for the Apollo moon mission and is continuing that legacy today through aiding in the development of the Artemis moon mission scheduled for 2024. Keep an eye out for astronomy programs, movie screenings, full moon kayak tours, and more in the spirit of Virginia is for Space Lovers and 50 Years of Love!


Wallops Visitor Center

The NASA Wallops Visitor Center is a wonderful place to learn more about space, the technology used for space missions, and various NASA initiatives. Watch a rocket launch, tour the solar system, or take a jaunt of the museum and learn about the past, present, and future of space technology.

Click here and here to learn more about the Wallops Visitor Center.

Click here to explore their Facebook page.

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Rocket Launches

Have you ever seen a rocket launch? Watching the white cloud erupt underneath the rocket as it begins its journey to space, gliding right through the sky and into oblivion is sure to give anyone butterflies! There’s much to learn on the new frontier. Feel inspired as you prepare to watch one of science’s most groundbreaking technological advancements.

Click here for NASA’s guided preparation list.

Click here for Wallops’ public programs schedule.

Click here for the best places to watch a rocket launch.


You May Also Like: Moonlight/Stargazing Paddles

Join Burnham Guides in Onancock under the stars for a moonlit, Stargazing Kayak Tours. Experience the history of the Chesapeake Bay as you paddle through secret guts and learn about native tribes, Captain John Smith, and steamboats. Immerse yourself in nature as you study the flora and fauna of the bay. Go during a new moon when the sky is darkest and note the brightness of the stars. Remind yourself of how small you are.

Where to Stay

Upper Shore — Closest to Wallops Island

Middle Shore — 40 Minutes to Wallops Island

Lower Shore — Hour or So to Wallops Island

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